Appearance Protection

Keep your investment looking newer longer.

Protection Summary

Every day drivers encounter things on the road that are out of their control — the elements, road salt, and the occasional messy toddler. But these encounters don’t have to ruin your day or devalue your car. In addition to a three-part protective system, Appearance Protection comes with a warranty to cover every day interior and exterior damage to help keep your new or used vehicle looking as good as the day you bought it.

Keep your interior & exterior looking new
Source:, 2018
Oxidation, road salt, UV rays, acid rain, tree sap, and pollutants can damage the appearance of your vehicle


Appearance Protection offers coverage to keep both your exterior and interior looking their best.

Exterior Protection:

  • Forms a clear, protective barrier to seal out oxidation, pollutants and ultraviolet rays
  • Also covers new vehicles against acid rain, tree sap, love bugs and road salt
  • Helps the vehicle retain its value and good looks for years to come

Interior Protection:

  • Repels water-based and oil-based spills
  • Also covers new vehicles against small rips, tears, and burns
  • Reduces fading, discoloration, and everyday wear and tear


  • Covers rips and tears up to two inches long and burns up to one-half inch in diameter on new vehicles
  • Does not cover damage to areas of the vehicle that were not treated with the Appearance Protection chemical product

For These Vehicles

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Marine

For These Buyers

  • Cash
  • Finance
  • Lease

Limitations and exclusions apply. The Appearance Protection product is optional and is not insurance. Coverage may vary by product agreement and state/province. Please refer to the applicable product agreement for details of terms and conditions.