Reporting & Analytics Solutions

Transforming Data into Strategy

Experience the power of a proven platform and see how real-time analytics and reporting can help OEMs and dealerships find the path to sustainable, scalable growth.


Data-Driven Success

Safe-Guard provides OEMs and dealers with comprehensive, data-driven insights through detailed reporting, strategic reviews, and proprietary analytics, enhancing dealership performance and operational strategies.
Precise and timely reporting
In-depth quarterly reviews
Data-driven insights for product and program development
Comprehensive sales analytics platform
Effective forecasting and performance analysis
Advanced analytics for direct-to-consumer strategies

Experience That Matters

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Dealer Partnerships
Consumers Protected
Processed Claims Per Month
Precise and Timely Reporting
Specializing in delivering accurate and timely reports, crucial for addressing the unique needs of each client.
In-Depth Quarterly Reviews
Conduct comprehensive quarterly risk and strategic reviews, leveraging data mining to identify trends and insights in sales, products, claims, and operations, aiding in informed decision-making.
Data-Driven Insights for Product and Program Development
Utilize multidimensional data analysis to develop new product initiatives and program enhancements, tailored to client-specific needs and industry trends.
Comprehensive Sales Analytics Platform
A proprietary platform integrates diverse data sources for effective field team management, dealership profitability analysis, and sales lead identification, enhancing dealer acquisition and performance.
Effective Forecasting and Performance Analysis
The platform's ability to combine data at dealership and VIN levels enables precise forecasting and detailed analysis of new initiatives and incentives, driving informed strategic decisions.
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We understand that dealers, agents, and F&I professionals have specific goals, and we are equipped with the tools to help you achieve them.
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