Precision Care

Peace of mind for every day. Protection for tomorrow.

Protection Summary

If you’re like most drivers, you spend a significant amount of time in your car. This day to day use can wear on even the most durable vehicles. When that happens, Precision Care will cover the replacement of common items due to wear and tear as well as coverage for major mechanical components, helping to keep your vehicle in top shape and keep you on the road.

Coverage for up to 1500 covered components
Source: Corp., CarMD® Vehicle Health Index, 2018
Source: AAA, Your Driving Costs Study, 2017


Precision Care provides coverage for replacement of wearable items that are commonly excluded by many manufacturer and third-party warranties, such as brake pads and rotors, the vehicle’s battery, wiper blades, belts, hoses, fuses, light bulbs, and headlamps, while also providing protection against unforeseen financial expense from future mechanical breakdowns. And you’ll receive additional benefits such as emergency roadside assistance and rental car and emergency travel reimbursement coverage.

Drive confident knowing you have coverage for up to 1500+ components even after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


  • Any necessary replacement parts will be made using OEM or like kind and quality parts
  • Does not cover any maintenance services and parts or mechanical breakdowns covered by your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty

For These Vehicles

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Marine

For These Buyers

  • Cash
  • Finance
  • Lease

Limitations and exclusions apply. The Precision Care product is optional and is not insurance. Coverage may vary by product agreement and state/province. Please refer to the applicable product agreement for details of terms and conditions.