Prepaid Maintenance

A better way to save on routine services.

Protection Summary

Owning a vehicle comes with certain responsibilities. Among those is maintaining the condition of your vehicle with regular servicing. A Prepaid Maintenance product offers you a valuable maintenance solution while keeping your vehicle running smooth and in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Best of all, by pre-paying for your maintenance plan, you can avoid the higher cost of future services and get tomorrow’s services at today’s prices.

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Prepaid Maintenance offers convenience by pre-paying for your vehicle service at once and saves you money down the line by scheduling future check-ups and services at today’s rates.

Preventative care to keep you on the road with benefits that include:

  • Regular oil and oil filter changes keep your engine running efficiently
  • Plans available to match your driving habits and your factory recommended service schedule
  • Transferrable coverage may add to your car value if you sell your vehicle to a private party
  • Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running smooth and in compliance with your factory warranty, which may increase your vehicle’s value at trade-in or resale


  • Please review your service schedule for a full list of covered maintenance items
  • Mechanical breakdown repairs are not covered, whether or not the repairs are associated with a covered service
  • Excludes any services, parts, items, labor, materials, or fluids which are not listed in the customer’s service schedule or performed by the selling dealer

For These Vehicles

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Marine

For These Buyers

  • Cash
  • Finance
  • Lease

Limitations and exclusions apply. The Prepaid Maintenance product is optional and is not insurance. Coverage may vary by product agreement and state/province. Please refer to the applicable product agreement for details of terms and conditions.