Windshield Protection

Protect your perspective from minor chips and cracks.

Protection Summary

If your windshield gets damaged, even a small nick can turn into a big concern. Windshield Protection covers front windshield repair and/or replacement of damage from chips and cracks caused by rocks and other road debris, and ensures that you can get a repair conveniently and with costs covered.

Small window chips can lead to something much bigger
Source: National Windshield Repair Association, Consumer Information, 2018


Windshield Protection covers the unexpected damage that occurs from rocks and road hazard debris during normal driving conditions.

  • Covers the cost of windshield repair and/or replacement and helps keep you safe and your vehicle looking new
  • No limit on the number of occurrences or mileage
  • Convenient repairs can be performed at your home, office, or at the dealership


  • Windshield Protection is not available in Arizona or Florida
  • Does not cover damage to areas other than the front windshield
  • Stress cracks or cracks over six inches are not covered

For These Vehicles

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Marine

For These Buyers

  • Cash
  • Finance
  • Lease

Limitations and exclusions apply. The Windshield Protection product is optional and is not insurance. Coverage may vary by product agreement and state/province. Please refer to the applicable product agreement for details of terms and conditions.