Risk Management & Underwriting

Maximizing Profitability and Minimizing Risk

A captive-like approach with specialized risk management and actuarial expertise enables enhanced financial control and long-term savings through tailored solutions.


Custom-Tailored Risk Solutions

Safe-Guard's captive-like approach enhances financial control and risk management, offering transparent, cost-efficient, and customized solutions.
In-house risk management
On-staff actuarial services
Data-powered predictive modeling
Predictive insights for strategic decisions
Financial data from 25 million contracts
Reinvestment services

Innovative Approaches to Risk

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Dealer Partnerships
Consumers Protected
Processed Claims Per Month
Enhanced Financial Oversight
Enables premium reinvestment—bolstered by expert risk management and actuarial knowledge—for sustained financial growth.
No-Cost Comprehensive Services
Delivers all-encompassing services free from hidden costs, underscoring a dedication to transparency.
Tailor-Made Risk Management
Offers in-house expertise with adaptable plan structures and premium allocation, tailored to distinct risk profiles.
Strategic Decision-Making Through Data
Leverages vast data and predictive analysis to spotlight industry trends and offer essential proactive insights.
Cost Savings and Continued Growth
Promotes financial efficiency through internal fee management and strategic profit share planning, fostering enduring success and growth.
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You have goals, we have the tools

We understand that dealers, agents, and F&I professionals have specific goals, and we are equipped with the tools to help you achieve them.
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