ADAS and Windscreen Damage: Why Prompt Repairs Are Critical

Modern vehicles are safer than ever due to a wealth of new technologies that are designed to keep drivers safe, even when they’re not paying attention.

Unlike traditional passive safety systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to enhance vehicle safety by helping the driver steer, brake, and accelerate the vehicle automatically to avoid an accident. Each manufacturer has different names for their systems, but these systems often go by common names such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

Given the efficacy of these systems, it’s no wonder that in 2022, Counterpoint Research found that some sort of ADAS system was fitted to more than 70 percent of new cars sold in the United States and this number is expected to exceed 80 percent in 2023.

Image Source: Counterpoint

ADAS Systems Require a Clear View

Central to the operation of ADAS systems are automated sensors that continuously monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, detecting potential obstacles and assessing the driving environment. Even though several sensors combine to make up the ADAS sensor suite, nearly all of these advanced systems rely on a camera (or stereo cameras) mounted behind the windshield to warn drivers of impending dangers or instruct the vehicle to take evasive action.

In order for these windshield-mounted ADAS cameras to function properly, they require a windshield free of defects and blemishes. ADAS cameras looking through a windshield with distortion from cracks or dings that are directly in line with the lens could fail to detect critical information or provide false positives. In fact, some vehicles will recognize the damage and turn off the system entirely.

This issue is further compounded by the fact that even minor damage can grow and spread over time. Temperature changes, vibrations from the road, or even wind pressure can cause small chips to quickly develop into larger cracks.

Avoiding Costly Repairs and Improving Safety with Windshield Protection

Repairing chips and cracks in a timely manner is more important than ever before. A small crack can turn into a large crack, which not only can block an ADAS camera sensor but can necessitate a complete windshield replacement. Full replacement not only adds several hundred dollars to the repair bill, but the replacement windshield has to meet all the OEM’s specifications, and the ADAS camera has to be recalibrated, both of which add to the replacement cost.

Escalating repair costs and deteriorating road surfaces make protection products, such as Safe-Guard Products International’s Windshield Protection, essential for maintaining a worry-free ownership experience for customers. Instead of paying out of pocket for costly repairs, Windshield Protection helps consumers avoid the financial burden of chips and cracks so they can keep a clear view ahead, avoid costly replacements, and keep their vehicle’s ADAS systems working as intended.

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