New investment poised to accelerate growth; Continued partnership with Stone Point Capital

ATLANTA, July 15, 2024 – Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, a leading provider of third-party private label finance and insurance protection products for the automotive, RV, marine, and powersports industries, today announced that it has closed on a majority investment from Hellman & Friedman, one of the world’s largest private equity firms.

The strategic partnership is set to propel Safe-Guard’s growth and solidify its position as the premier provider of finance and insurance products and solutions in the sector. Stone Point Capital LLC, a longstanding investor in Safe-Guard, will continue to partner with the company and participate on Safe-Guard’s board.

Safe-Guard’s management team will continue to drive the success of the business for the benefit of its partners, their customers and other stakeholders. In connection with the transaction, Randy Barkowitz is assuming a board-level leadership role as full-time Executive Chairman, while David Pryor is continuing in his role as President and assuming the responsibility of Chief Executive Officer of Safe-Guard.

“We are thrilled to welcome Hellman & Friedman as our new majority investor,” said Barkowitz. “Safe-Guard’s commitment to excellence remains steadfast. With Hellman & Friedman’s backing and Stone Point’s continued support, we are positioned to deliver even more innovative solutions, superior service and unmatched value to our partners and their customers.”

Hellman & Friedman, renowned for its focus on helping industry leaders reach new heights, fully embraces Safe-Guard’s unique strategy and the strength of its management team. The investment highlights Hellman & Friedman’s commitment to supporting Safe-Guard in delivering F&I products, dealer service, customer satisfaction, and technology solutions. Through this investment, Safe-Guard will gain additional resources to invest in its people, processes, and technology.

“Safe-Guard is a differentiated provider of private label protection products, offering value to dealers, strategic partners and consumers,” said Hunter Philbrick, Partner at Hellman & Friedman. “The business has built an impressive reputation for its high-quality products and service, and we are excited to partner with the talented management team and provide additional firepower to support the company’s strategic priorities. We see several significant growth opportunities and look forward to working together to realize the immense potential ahead.”

Based in Atlanta, Safe-Guard’s industry-defining Protection Products Platform delivers frictionless service, consistency, and customer-centric solutions to more than 19 million consumers who are protected under contracts administered by Safe-Guard.

Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC and SPC Capital Markets LLC acted as financial advisors to Safe-Guard and Debevoise & Plimpton LLP served as legal counsel to the company. Jefferies LLC was the lead financial advisor to Hellman & Friedman, with Waller Helms also providing financial advice and Kirkland & Ellis acting as legal counsel.


About Safe-Guard Products International

Founded in 1992 and based in Atlanta, Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, is the leading provider of branded vehicle protection products in the finance and insurance space to the automotive, RV, marine, and motorcycle/powersports industries. Through its Protection Products Platform, Safe-Guard develops the highest-quality programs and matches them with unparalleled customer service and advanced technology solutions, which are fostered by superior sales and marketing support. Visit for more information.

About Hellman & Friedman

Hellman & Friedman is a preeminent global private equity firm with a distinctive investment approach focused on a limited number of large-scale equity investments in high-quality growth businesses. H&F seeks to partner with world-class management teams where its deep sector expertise, long-term orientation, and collaborative partnership approach enable companies to flourish. H&F targets outstanding businesses in select sectors, including technology, financial services, healthcare, consumer services & retail, and information, content & business services.

Since its founding in 1984, H&F has invested in over 100 companies. The firm is currently investing its tenth fund, with over $24 billion of committed capital, and has over $115 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2024. Learn more about H&F’s defining investment philosophy and approach to sustainable outcomes at

About Stone Point Capital
Stone Point is an alternative investment firm based in Greenwich, CT, with more than $55 billion of assets under management. Stone Point targets investments in companies in the global financial services industry and related sectors. The firm invests in alternative asset classes, including private equity through its flagship Trident Funds and credit through commingled funds and separately managed accounts. In addition, Stone Point Capital Markets supports our firm, portfolio companies and other clients by providing dedicated financing solutions. For more information on Stone Point, please visit:

ATLANTA, January 25, 2024 – Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, the leading provider of branded protection products for the automotive, RV, powersports, and marine industries announced the launch of its redesigned website. This signifies the company’s digital transformation from a third-party administrator (TPA) to a Protection Products Platform that delivers frictionless service, consistency, and customer-centric solutions.

This transformation is the result of a purposeful digital strategy designed to leverage the company’s 30 years of data and applications that drive key metrics, business decisions, and enhanced service capabilities. At the forefront of the F&I industry, Safe-Guard delivers protection products and solutions that drive sustainable, scalable growth.

“A one-size-fits-all approach to protection products isn’t enough in today’s market, especially considering the various generational groups that currently drive spending,” says Safe-Guard CEO Randy Barkowitz. “For many years, we have set out to change the industry, drive innovation, and enhance transparency. Our evolution from a traditional TPA to a Protection Products Platform allows us to grow with our customers, no matter how their needs change over time.”

Serving a diverse customer base, the company has fully embraced changes in the F&I industry to meet the market demand of vehicle owners. The company’s digital transformation mirrors the broad changes happening across the automotive sector, promising to dynamically reshape the industry landscape for the better.

“The new website is a powerful representation of our company, our people, and our commitment to innovation,” says Safe-Guard President, David Pryor. “Through the integration of data and advanced analytics, we’ve successfully transformed Safe-Guard into a Protection Products Platform that will drive sustainable and scalable growth for our customers.”

Safe-Guard’s dedication to innovation and customer centricity has positioned them as the leader in the F&I industry, and the new website showcases this commitment to meet the evolving needs of its customers. This unwavering dedication remains essential as the company transitions to a new era as a Protection Products Platform.

The RV industry employs over 680,000 people and represents a $140 billion share in the United States economy.

Experts within the industry predict a 22% to 24% increase in RV shipments in 2024, but what does that mean for the average consumer? 

The RV industry continues to grapple with market demands, from the connectivity needs of digital nomads to the timeless desire for a home away from home that feels more flexible than an Airbnb. The newest trends prioritize sustainable materials, seamless technological integrations, and the luxury and style that make a permanent address seem irrelevant.

RVs continue to increase their comfort, convenience, and reliability to score higher marks in versatility than ever. 

The RV industry saw an uptick in popularity during the pandemic, but as the market cools, here are some of the most popular trends consumers will find at trade shows and in showrooms. 

1. Sustainability 

Winnebago made considerable strides in electrification with the eRV2, a fully electric platform built on Ford’s popular E-Transit van platform. With over 100 miles of range and enough power to support a week of off-grid living, the eRV2 is one of many examples of the industry’s push to incorporate efficient and sustainable caravaning. Additional trends include improving indoor air quality, incorporating solar panels to reduce carbon footprint, and optimizing showers on the go to consume less water. 

2. Customization

Gone are the days of settling for simplistic and dull materials within a small living space. Today’s RVs integrate style and luxury without breaking the bank. From floor plans to custom features and materials, consumers can mix and match options to build an RV that suits their lifestyle and comes in under budget. 

3. Connectivity 

Off-the-grid living is now negotiable with connected RVs that remain tethered to Wi-Fi networks with hotspots, camera systems, and intelligent automation features. Camera systems protect travelers from much more than backing into a tree, offering a portable security system to monitor the surrounding area. Internet connectivity promotes working from home, while voice-activated and connected devices oversee essential functions. 

4. Versatility 

Space within an RV can be limited, but manufacturers continue to maximize every square foot to include entertainment spaces beyond the kitchen table. Exterior treatments now include fiberglass paint jobs and decals complementing lightweight and compact designs. Many models now prioritize off-road capabilities with suspension components designed for roughing it. 

RVs for Every Generation

Built for adventure and designed with versatility in mind, RVs aren’t just for traveling snowbirds, weekend campers, or wandering hearts. Instead, they’re a vehicle for all generations to explore the world around them without strings attached.

A staggering 15 million households stocked up their RVs and headed toward a new camping adventure in 2022.

While most campers travel during the warmer months, visiting new places as the snow falls can lend anyone a new perspective. However, camping during the winter requires just as many precautions (if not more) as navigating campgrounds and backcountry roads in balmy temperatures. 

Top Winter Camping Tips and Tricks

Over 50% of campers agree it’s important to introduce the next generation to camping and the outdoors. If you plan on venturing out to camp this winter, prepare for your trip with the following tips and tricks: 

  • Choose your campsite wisely, noting any overhanging trees. 
  • Pack foods that take longer to digest, keeping your body warmer for longer.
  • Stay dry with proper ventilation to prevent condensation buildup. 
  • Dress in layers, insulating from the ground up.
  • Conserve battery power by powering down your phone or putting it on airplane mode when not in use. 
  • Pack extra clothing, food, blankets, first aid supplies, and flashlights. 
  • Wear eye protection to prevent snow blindness. 

Preparing your rig for the cold temperatures ahead remains critical to safe travels. Below are steps you can take to ensure your RV withstands anything Old Man Winter throws its way: 

  • Winterize your RV by draining any water systems, including the water heater.
  • Invest in multiple heat sources, such as electric heaters, blankets, or clothing, to avoid using up your RV’s propane supply. 
  • Purchase an RV skirt to insulate the underbelly and retain heat. 
  • Before every trip, perform a tire and wheel inspection, noting air pressure and any dry rot or damage to the sidewalls or tread. 
  • Inspect the engine, topping off and carrying extra fluids with you. 
  • Check weather and road conditions before you depart. 
  • Verify campground conditions, policies, and schedules ahead of time. 

Four-season RVs incorporate many of the best winter-ready features to ward off the icy chill of winter nights. Heated water tanks, heavy-duty insulation, and dual-pane windows retain heat to improve your winter camping trip by several degrees. 

Add RV Protection Products to Your Checklist 

Emergency supplies, extra blankets, and plenty of food and water are essential for winter camping, but your adventure could end before it ever begins if you don’t have the proper protection. Safe-Guard Products International’s RV protection products account for the untimely and inconvenient roadblocks that keep you from making new memories.

Learn more about our customizable protection product offerings for your RV, and get in touch with our team of experts, today.

Over 40 million people hit the road for a camping trip every year to experience the wonders of nature, reconnect with family and personal values, or partake in newfound culinary delights.

Most campers are Millennials and Gen X, with six out of 10 campers pointing to creating new family memories as a critical component of these experiences. 

If you’re looking for ideas for your next RV vacation, check out the list of the top destinations in North America below. For added protection on the road, consider adding Safe-Guard’s RV protection products to your packing list. 

Eight Top RV Destinations in North America

The nation holds a vast number of wondrous destinations, but here are some of the top must-visit places to add to your itinerary: 

1. Acadia National Park (Maine) 

Stay at Smuggler’s Den Campground, climb the Precipice Trail, and gaze in wonder at Cadillac Mountain as you explore all that Acadia National Park has to offer. Maine’s natural wonders include rocky shores, lush forests, and fish-filled lakes for anglers of all levels. 

2. Big Sur (California)

Big Sur, home to Bixby Bridge and McWay Falls, draws RV travelers year-round. Bejeweled waters and sandy beaches are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

3. Denali National Park (Alaska)

Whether you stay at the Teklanika River, Savage River, or Wonder Lake campgrounds, Alaska’s Denali National Park exemplifies North American majesty. Catch glimpses of the local wildlife, including moose, black bears, caribou, and wolves, as you camp among the tundra. 

4. Glacier National Park (Montana) 

Famous for the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park in the great state of Montana is a breathtaking sight worth every mile. Popular campgrounds include Apgar and St. Mary Campground. 

5. Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

If the Grand Canyon itself isn’t enough of an RV destination, the national park it calls home offers unforgettable views. Tourists love the Bright Angel Trail, Trailer Village, and Mather Campground. 

6. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming/Montana)

Visit Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring as you explore the geysers and natural wildlife of Yellowstone. Spread between Montana and Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park is a must-see destination for any RV trip. 

7. Yosemite National Park (California) 

Along with its miles of coastline, California also hosts some of the most giant redwoods, found in Yosemite National Park. Craggy mountains–including the unmistakable El Capitan–frame these massive trees. 

8. Zion National Park (Utah) 

The red cliffs and canyons of Zion National Park remain unforgettable among generations of visitors. Stay at the South or Watchman Campgrounds and hike the Narrows for some awe-inspiring views sure to impress. 

Protect Your Next Adventure with Safe-Guard

Ensure your upcoming RV trip goes off without a hitch. Safe-Guard offers a wide range of RV protection products designed to bring you peace of mind. With comprehensive coverage and a no-hassle claims process, Safe-Guard keeps you and your family safe as you inspire new generations and create memories to last a lifetime.

Considering an extended vehicle warranty? Don’t let misconceptions cloud your judgment!

Extended warranties can provide a crucial cushion of protection when you need it most. In this article, we’ll debunk the common myths, so you can make an informed decision. 

Understanding Extended Vehicle Warranties 

Extended vehicle warranties, also known as service contracts, provide coverage for certain repairs and maintenance services beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. While the manufacturer’s warranty typically lasts for a few years or a certain mileage, an extended warranty kicks in once that coverage expires.  

Some people mistakenly believe that extended warranties are redundant, assuming that their vehicles are adequately covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. However, unexpected repairs can be financially crippling without an extended warranty. We’ll delve into the cost-effectiveness of extended warranties and explore whether they truly deliver on their promises. 

The Value of Extended Vehicle Warranties 

One common misconception is that extended warranties only benefit the dealer. However, they can actually provide peace of mind for vehicle owners by minimizing unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. With the increasing complexity of modern vehicles and the potential for costly repairs, having an extended warranty can offer financial protection and assurance. 

Extended warranties can also be transferable, potentially increasing the resale value of the vehicle, which can be an attractive selling point for prospective buyers. 

Expense vs. Investment 

There’s a prevailing belief that extended warranties are not worth the investment, as they may not cover the necessary repairs or may have stringent terms and conditions. However, this is not always the case.  

While it’s essential to carefully review the coverage details and exclusions, many extended warranties offer comprehensive protection for a wide range of mechanical and electrical components. 

Another misconception is that extended warranties are overly expensive. In reality, the cost of an extended warranty can vary depending on factors such as the vehicle’s make and model, mileage, and the level of coverage desired. By comparing different options and considering the potential savings on future repairs, an extended warranty can prove to be a prudent investment. 

The Cost of Extended Vehicle Warranties 

The cost of an extended vehicle warranty is influenced by various factors, including the age and mileage of the vehicle, the coverage level, and the provider. While some may view the upfront cost as a deterrent, it’s essential to consider the potential long-term savings and peace of mind that an extended warranty can offer. 

When weighing the cost of an extended warranty, it’s crucial to assess the likelihood of major repairs and the associated expenses. By having a clear understanding of the coverage details and the anticipated benefits, you can make an informed decision regarding the value of an extended warranty for your vehicle. 

What Is Covered by Extended Vehicle Warranties? 

Extended warranties typically cover repairs for components such as the engine, transmission, electrical systems, and other vital parts of the vehicle. However, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions to understand the specific inclusions and exclusions. Some extended warranties may also offer additional benefits, such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. 

Understanding the scope of coverage is crucial when evaluating the suitability of an extended warranty for your vehicle. By gaining clarity on what is covered and any limitations, you can assess the overall value and protection provided by the extended warranty. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons  

Like any financial decision, there are both advantages and considerations to weigh when evaluating an extended vehicle warranty. On the positive side, an extended warranty can offer peace of mind, potential cost savings on repairs, and added resale value for the vehicle. It can also provide convenience through included benefits such as roadside assistance. 

However, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks, such as the upfront cost of the warranty, the coverage limitations, and the possibility that certain repairs may not be covered. Evaluating the pros and cons in relation to your specific vehicle and driving habits can help you determine whether an extended warranty aligns with your needs and priorities. 

Dos and Don’ts When Considering an Extended Vehicle Warranty 

When contemplating an extended vehicle warranty, it’s crucial to do thorough research and consider the following dos and don’ts: 


  • Research reputable warranty providers and compare coverage options. 
  • Understand the terms, conditions, and limitations of the extended warranty.
  • Consider the potential long-term benefits and savings on future repairs. 
  • Seek clarity on the claims process and authorized repair facilities. 


  • Overlook the details of the coverage, exclusions, and deductibles.
  • Rush into purchasing an extended warranty without carefully assessing your vehicle’s needs.
  • Assume that all extended warranties offer the same level of coverage and benefits. 
  • Neglect to inquire about the transferability and cancellation policy of the extended warranty.

How to Choose the Right Extended Vehicle Warranty 

Choosing the right extended vehicle warranty involves a thoughtful evaluation of your vehicle’s age, mileage, anticipated usage, and long-term ownership plans. By aligning the coverage options with your specific needs and budget, you can select an extended warranty that provides valuable protection and peace of mind. The dealers at your local dealership are experts in the range of terms and coverage options for their plan offerings. Discussing your options with them can empower you to make a well-informed decision.  

Take Your Driving Experience to the Next Level with Extended Warranties  

Extended vehicle warranties are valuable considerations for protecting your investment and minimizing the financial impact of unexpected repairs. By debunking common misconceptions and understanding the benefits, costs, and coverage details, you can make a well-informed decision regarding the suitability of an extended warranty for your vehicle. 

Atlanta, GA, January 25, 2023 – Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, the leading provider of branded protection products for the automotive, RV, powersports and marine industries, announces the retirement of Executive Chairman Dave Duncan. Duncan was an essential part of the Safe-Guard family from early on and most recently has served as executive chairman since 2020. While boasting over three decades of finance and insurance experience, Duncan’s impact will be missed by the Safe-Guard team.

“Dave has a unique wealth of industry knowledge and a focus on creating innovative client solutions that positioned Safe-Guard for a dynamic future growth. We would like to thank Dave for his dedication and contributions to our organization and wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” stated David Pryor, president of Safe-Guard.

During his time at Safe-Guard, Duncan has held roles as senior vice president, president and executive chairman, respectively. Prior to joining Safe-Guard, Duncan was president and CEO of Diversified Automotive Group and held numerous management positions in automotive retail.

“Throughout his career at Safe-Guard, Dave was instrumental in the creation and implementation of our strategic vision and plan, and he has been truly dedicated to our organization and its mission,” said Safe-Guard CEO Randy Barkowitz.

Under Duncan’s leadership as executive chairman, Safe-Guard successfully broadened its product offerings, expanded into new channels, and released a range of branded solutions for clients and dealers. Throughout his 27 years with Safe-Guard, Duncan played a significant role in the company’s growth and success by advancing sales, marketing and development efforts, acting as a key player in expanding the company’s reach through the OEM, national retail and agent channels. Duncan also led the deployment of turnkey programs for the company’s F&I business units, demonstrating strong leadership throughout his tenure.


About Safe-Guard Products International

Founded in 1992 and based in Atlanta, Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, is the leading provider of vehicle protection products in the finance and insurance space to the automotive, RV, marine and motorcycle/powersports industries. The company develops, markets and administers the highest-quality programs and matches them with unparalleled customer service, advanced technology solutions and industry-leading sales and marketing. Safe-Guard is a proud partner to top retailers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent agents across the United States and Canada. Visit for more information.

Atlanta, GA, November 7, 2022 – Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, the leading provider of branded protection products for the automotive, RV, powersports and marine industries, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The company is focused on closing out a strong year with plans for additional growth in 2023.

From its founding in 1992, Safe-Guard has dramatically grown and adapted each decade in business. The company continues to lead the industry with relevant and timely products to match customer and consumer demand, while also keeping an eye on the future and what may be needed as the industry evolves. A small team of 22 agents administering 19,000 theft protection contracts in 1992 has matured into a workforce of over 700 and more than five million contracts annually throughout the US and Canada.

“After joining the company in 2008, I think many of us had an idea of where this company could go,” said Safe-Guard CEO Randy Barkowitz. “However, it is a testament to our employees, management team and customers that we have continued to realize the sustained growth and level of success we have achieved over the last 30 years. I’m proud to work alongside our talented team of professionals.”

Between inception and 2008, many of Safe-Guard’s core products were launched and partnerships with key OEMs, agents, dealers and financial service companies were critical to the company’s maturation. Over the course of the subsequent 15 years, key hires and additional partnerships with clients and industry giants like GM Financial, Hyundai Capital, Nissan Canada and AutoNation have propelled Safe-Guard’s growth.

Executive leadership has been instrumental in exceeding growth goals while advancements in technology and innovation remain a driving force behind the company’s product offerings.

“As we expand our footprint with new clients and dealers, our focus will remain on offering innovative business solutions that help those most important to us sell efficiently and providing desired and valuable training and coverage that will strengthen the relationships our customers have with their stakeholders,” added Barkowitz.

Today over 130,000 claims are processed each month for more than 65 brands powered by Safe-Guard Products, protecting over 40 million consumers throughout North America.


About Safe-Guard Products International

Founded in 1992 and based in Atlanta, Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, is the leading provider of vehicle protection products in the finance and insurance space to the automotive, RV, marine and motorcycle/powersports industries. The company develops, markets and administers the highest-quality programs and matches them with unparalleled customer service, advanced technology solutions and industry-leading sales and marketing. Safe-Guard is a proud partner to top retailers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent agents across the United States and Canada. Visit for more information.

Mississauga, ON, May 13, 2022 – Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, the leading provider of branded protection products for the automotive, RV, powersports and marine industries, today announced Andre Ramgattie has joined the company as the national director of account management and business development for Safe-Guard Canada, Ltd., effective immediately.

Ramgattie brings nearly fifteen years of automotive experience with him to Safe-Guard Canada, having started his career in corporate roles for Honda Canada and Volvo Cars Canada, and then in retail covering used, leasing, F&I and sales roles. Prior to joining Safe-Guard, Ramgattie spent nine years working in sales operations and market intelligence for a major finance and insurance provider. At Safe-Guard, Ramgattie will focus on building relationships with existing clients and partnering with David Wilke, national sales director, to grow Safe-Guard Canada’s client roster and drive retail sales.

“We are thrilled to have Andre join Safe-Guard Canada as the national director of account management and business development,” said David Pryor, president of Safe-Guard. “Andre’s extensive experience within the automotive world across retail, corporate and the F&I provider space will prove to be a big asset in leading and serving Safe-Guard’s current clients. We’re excited to have Andre as a part of our team as we continue to deliver full-service, branded solutions and drive sales performance for our client and dealer partners.”

“Andre’s real-world experience from retail to corporate, combined with his data-driven sales expertise, will truly benefit our retail and client partners,” said John Stewart, EVP OEM field sales and training for Safe-Guard. “Andre’s experience and leadership will help us to further accelerate performance for Safe-Guard partners.”

Ramgattie graduated with a BBA in automotive from Georgian College and obtained his EMBA from the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa.

About Safe-Guard Products Canada

Founded in 2001 and based in Mississauga, Ontario, Safe-Guard Products Canada is the leading provider of branded vehicle protection products in the finance and insurance space to the automotive, RV, marine and motorcycle/powersports industries. The company develops, markets and administers the highest-quality programs and matches them with industry-leading marketing, dedicated sales and training, advanced technology solutions and comprehensive customer service. Safe-Guard is a proud partner to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), top dealer groups and retailers across Canada. For more information, please visit

Toronto, ON, May 13, 2021 – Yamaha Motor Canada today announced a partnership with Safe-Guard Products Canada, Ltd., the leading provider of private label protection products for the automotive, RV, marine and powersports industries. The program, launching July 5, enables Yamaha to provide a complete, branded protection product solution to dealers under the Yamaha Motor Protection Plan name. Products available include Credit Insurance, Bundle Loan Protection, Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Tire & Wheel Protection, as well as a suite of products for offmakes. Additionally, Safe-Guard will support the Yamaha Motor Protection Plan program with an enhanced dealer support team, business development resources, complimentary retail training and branded marketing content, technology integration and administration of the program.

“Joining forces with Safe-Guard provides a powerful boost to our organization, our dealers and their riders,” said Peter Smallman-Tew, president and managing director at Yamaha Motor Canada. “This partnership enables Yamaha to bring new, industry-leading solutions to the table for our dealers, which enhances their business by driving revenue and customer retention while improving the owner experience for the customers they serve.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Yamaha to provide them with a purpose-built, fully branded protection program for their dealers,” said Mary Buhr, director of account management and business development at Safe-Guard. “Yamaha is a premier player within the powersports industry and we’re proud to power innovative and value-added solutions for this great brand.”

With international headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and Canadian headquarters based in Mississauga, Ontario, Safe-Guard Products manages protection product programs for over 50 strategic partners across the U.S. and Canada, offering a full suite of protection products and dealer business solutions in the automotive, RV, marine and powersport industries. More than 13 million consumers are protected under contracts by Safe-Guard.

Yamaha Motor Protection Plan  

About Yamaha Motor Canada, Ltd.

Since incorporating in 1973, Yamaha Motor Canada has expanded to include 10 product groups that help Canadians make the most of their time outdoors. In addition, Yamaha offers after-sales support with parts, accessories, lubricants, apparel and service, with over 400 dealers servicing Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

About Yamaha Financial Services

Yamaha Financial Services, a division of Yamaha Motor Canada, offers dealers and customers access to flexible, convenient financial solutions designed primarily for the powersports and marine industries. Committed to a high-quality customer experience, Yamaha Financial Services Canada is also part of a growing global community of finance companies within Yamaha Motor Corporation in the United States, Australia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Russia.

About Safe-Guard Products Canada, Ltd.

Founded in 2001 and based in Mississauga, Ontario, Safe-Guard Products Canada is the leading provider of branded vehicle protection products in the finance and insurance space to the automotive, RV, marine and motorcycle/powersports industries. The company develops, markets and administers programs on behalf of clients, backed by industry-leading sales and marketing, advanced technology solutions and comprehensive customer service. Safe-Guard is a proud partner to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), top dealer groups and retailers across Canada.