Safe-Guard Commits to Accessibility for Everyone

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Updated on 10/31/2023

At Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, we prioritize the needs of all users by providing a digital environment that is not only functional but also easily accessible. Our dedicated accessibility team constantly works to improve our platform, ensuring that it exceeds website accessibility standards. We are committed to creating an inclusive experience for everyone, including people living with disabilities.

How We Meet WCAG Standards

Our company currently complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 

Version ____, Level_____ criteria.

The Safe-Guard website was assessed DATE ________BY __________ for compliance.


If you are experiencing any issues accessing our site, please let us know. We are committed to swiftly resolving the problem and ensuring that Safe-Guard resources are accessible to everyone.

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Please email us immediately if you encounter any issues accessing our site. We are committed to promptly resolving any problems you may face so you can access all Safe-Guard resources.

Send your email to: [email protected].