A Revolutionized D2C Approach

We’re changing traditional direct-to-consumer strategies by leveraging data and marketing technology to create personalized, omnichannel campaigns customized to your specific business goals.

Extend the Customer
Engagement Life Cycle

Utilize our unrivaled direct-to-consumer strategy that turns analytics into action. We leverage our platform's analytics engine to monitor program performance, perform A/B testing of marketing and pricing tactics, and measure key KPIs such as customer traffic and conversion.
Personalized outreach
Data-driven targeting
Omnichannel approach
Branded marketing materials
Seamless claims experience
Additional service drive business

Build Loyalty. Recapture Connections.

Instead of relying on ineffective cold-calling, our expert direct-to-consumer team will show you how to leverage analytics to connect with your customers, improving your business outcomes.
Processed Claims Per Month
Consumers Protected
Dealer Partnerships
Business Growth Beyond Initial Sale
Unlock business opportunities beyond the initial sale by leveraging personalized, data-driven strategies instead of outdated cold-calling techniques.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Enhance customer satisfaction with continual engagement, strengthening long-term relationships.
Next-Generation Marketing & Sales Support
Utilize advanced marketing technology to build an effective program that reflects your brand identity.
Our D2C approach creates a seamless customer journey, with multiple touchpoints that enhance engagement throughout the entire relationship.
James Tom, VP, D2C
Safe-Guard Products International

You have goals. We have the tools.

We understand that F&I professionals have specific goals, and we are equipped with the tools to help you achieve them.
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