Data-Driven Growth

Our platform gives us the ability to map out the market landscape and identify best practices to provide our partners with insights into current performance and untapped business opportunities.

Build Better F&I with a
Data-Centric Approach

Powered by data collected from over 30 million concluded contracts since 1992, analytics is a key element propelling growth for our partners. We use analytics to make data-driven decisions that strengthen our product offerings, pricing strategies, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.
Risk assessment
Sustainable pricing
Customer segmentation
Compliance and reporting
Customer experience improvement
Operational efficiency

Our Data.
Your Growth.

By leveraging data built over decades, our platform empowers decision-makers at all levels by delivering the insights needed to better manage risk, drive business success, and provide value to our partners.
Years of Data
Dealers Supported
Consumer Contracts
Intelligent Pricing, Better Products
By leveraging data from over 30 million contracts, Safe-Guard uses analytics to refine our product offerings and pricing strategies.
Optimized Marketing and Sales
Safe-Guard harnesses analytics to identify effective marketing channels and sales tactics, leading to optimized customer engagement and acquisition.
Improved Operational Efficiency
By analyzing claims data and customer feedback, we identify and address pain points, leading to more efficient claim processing and overall satisfaction.
Our proprietary analytics platform integrates 30 years of contract data, 120+ field members, and key connections to help partners benchmark performance and develop effective sales strategies.
Joe Zhang, VP, Strategy & Analytics
Safe-Guard Products International

You have goals. We have the tools.

We understand that F&I professionals have specific goals, and we're equipped with the tools to help you achieve them.
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