Safe-Guard’s Responsible Cookie Use

Safe-Guard Products International, LLC
Updated on 10/31/2023

Thank you for visiting the Safe-Guard Products International, LLC, website, also known as the “website.” As you explore our site, please note that we utilize cookies (commonly known as internet cookies) to enhance your experience. These cookies enable us to offer various functionalities, collect valuable analytics, personalize your browsing experience, and deliver user-specific content on our partner sites.

The Role of Cookies in Browsing

Cookies contain data that identifies your computer or network when you visit a website. Your browser receives a cookie with that data, which it shares with the website on your next visit. This enables you to enjoy a personalized browsing experience based on your previous activity on the site. 

The cookie stores information based on the data you provided during your first visit. For instance, if you filled out a form with your name and address, the cookie can automatically fill in that information on your next visit. Additionally, cookies can retain your language preference and the pages you visited during your previous browsing session.

Manage Your Cookies

Most browsers allow you to customize your cookie settings. You also have the ability to go into your device’s settings and delete existing cookies. 

Learn About the Cookies We Use

The website makes use of three types of cookies. 

Essential Cookies (Strictly Necessary Cookies)

Essential cookies ensure our website functions correctly, providing you with the requested online service and enabling all features. They connect information between your web server and ours, while also saving login details for secure site access.

Functional Cookies

Non-essential functional cookies enhance your experience on the Safe-Guard website by remembering your preferences, such as language and region settings. Additionally, they provide us with valuable analytical data, giving insights into user behavior so we can provide better user experiences.

Performance Cookies

Safe-Guard utilizes third-party cookies to deliver personalized and interest-based content to our site users across a spectrum of partner platforms. By harnessing the power of these cookies, we are able to curate a seamless browsing experience that caters to your unique preferences and interests. These cookies, which are generated by trusted external sources, allow us to present you with relevant and targeted information that aligns with your online behavior and helps us enhance your overall user experience.

Third-Party Cookies

When you visit our website, we provide you with a pop-up that enables you to actively choose whether to accept or decline nonessential cookies. It’s important to keep in mind that disabling all nonessential cookies might impact the functionality of the website.