Why Added Protection is Necessary for Marine Equipment

From boats to water toys, your marine equipment is faced with a plethora of unpredictable elements every time you hit the water.

Boats are complicated machines that utilize everything from advanced propulsion systems to living systems that bring the comforts of home to the water. Manufacturer warranties can be limited in the type of coverage they offer, which is why buyers often turn to added protection for necessary protection. Added protection helps ensure that if things go wrong beyond the initial manufacturer warranty period, you have financial protection from potentially costly repairs.

Let’s get into why you should consider added protection for your marine equipment.

Marine Equipment Is Vulnerable and Is Expensive to Repair

Marine equipment operates in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Whether it’s navigating unfamiliar waters, sitting in the sun (literally) for years on end, or simply being exposed to salt water, the equipment goes through a lot of wear and tear that can leave it vulnerable to damage.

Also, the process of repairing a boat is not as simple as driving it to the shop and popping the boat up on a lift. Working on boats can take many, many labor hours and often requires someone with specialized knowledge to get involved.

Added Protection Provides a Myriad of Benefits

Added protection, such as Marine Mechanical Protection, gives you peace of mind knowing you are financially covered for unexpected repair costs.

Coverage typically includes repair and replacement of parts while certain plans also come with maintenance protection, which helps ensure you stick to regular maintenance so your boat or other marine equipment is always in pristine condition. Ensuring your equipment is in excellent condition all of the time will help your equipment hold its value and extend its lifespan.

In addition, marine equipment that is sold with added Protection is viewed favorably on the resale market.

Types of Added Protection

Added protection typically varies in length, coverage, and deductible options.

These helpful plans cover the cost of repairs for certain issues that might arise after the original warranty expires. This can include mechanical breakdowns, system failures, and sometimes even routine wear and tear, depending on the policy. Opting for added arotection can provide peace of mind, ensuring that unexpected repair costs won’t disrupt your enjoyment of the water.

Discuss the coverage limitations of each plan option with your marina or dealer so you can make an informed decision on a protection plan that aligns with your boating needs and budget.

Protect Your Investment with Added Protection

Purchasing marine added protection offers several key benefits including peace of mind knowing that potential future repairs are covered and predictable budgeting without the worry of unexpected expenses.

Additionally, products with transferable added protection can have higher resale values. This coverage often provide access to expert service and can include broader coverage than the original warranty, including protection against wear and tear or accidental damage.